Tec Container’s BA-012F2 (20-25) E is a fully electric container spreader specially designed for use with hook (bridge crane, mobile harbour cranes, ship to shore cranes, quay cranes, gantry cranes, boom cranes, etc.) through the points designed for that purpose. These tie-down points may be located in different positions, depending on the specific configuration of the main lifting means.

Electrical installation of the spreader (whose power input must be 24V DC) will be powered by the master machine through a connector installed on a side of the control unit. Just in case your master machine cannot supply 24V, an additional power supply will be installed. This power supply is fed by the master machine and also feeds the spreader by 24V voltage.

Main features:

  • 20 feet in length, 40-foot variant also available
  • 25-tonne lifting capacity, 20-tonne and 40-tonne variants available
  • Four safety pins that prevent accidents
  • Two sets of LED lights indicating the power of the container spreader
  • A remote control included