Tec Container Asia Pacific has successfully delivered 4 units of semi-automatic container spreaders to C3 Limited in New Zealand. The four semi-automatic container spreaders (two 20-foot with 36-tonne SWL and two 40-foot with 40-tonne SWL) are currently in operation at C3 Ltd depot in Tauranga. The container spreaders were purchased to meet the increasing demand of C3’s continually growing and expanding services such as: general cargo, bulk cargo, stevedoring, marshalling, warehousing, container consolidation and transportation.

C3 Ltd has expanded and diversified its services over the past decades and it is now part of Linx Cargo Care Group servicing cities not only New Zealand but also Australia, such as Auckland, Marsden Point, Tauranga, Napier, Wellington, Nelson, Lyttleton, Port Chalmers, Brisbane, Albany, Burnie, Gladstone and so on.

Tec Container’s spreaders (in all its different versions) have been specially designed for lifting ISO containers. The container is picked up by all four twistlocks, which are introduced into ISO corner castings installed on top of the container.

Key Features of the BA-008/009 Series Semiautomatic Spreaders

  • Fully customisable
  • 10´- 20´- 40´- 45´
  • Drawing Approved by GL
  • Electric version also available
  • Double security system to avoid failures during the lifting
  • Guides / Flippers upon customer request
  • Plates for oversized loads
  • Forklift pockets for transporting of the unloaded spreader

Other Options for the Semi-automatic Spreaders:

  • Highly visible panels to inform the operator about the position of the cones; OPEN / LOCKED signs in any language; Reflecting stickers in the short sides of the spreader to increase its visibility in dark environment.
  • Long Term Galvanized Protection:TEC’s Spreaders can be delivered with a hot dip galvanized coating for extra protectionagainst corrosion. This extra protection guarantees an extra-long life for your spreaders.
  • All our spreader can be painted with your corporate colours & including your logo
  • Extension chains to handle open-top containers or containers with considerable deformation; total length according to customer requirements. CE certificate included.
  • FCL transportable: all Tec Container spreaders can be produced demountable in order to reduce transport cost as the spreaders can be shipped in a standard ISO container; clear instructions about mounting at site are delivered together with the spreader
  • Guides / flippers: Very useful to facilitate approaching manoeuvres of the crane driver to the container; a full range of flippers with different characteristics are available upon request.
  • Forklift Pockets: the easiest way to move and store the spreader when it is not in use. Unless indicated otherwise, all TEC CONTAINER Forklift Pockets are to be used only when the spreader is not loaded. Pockets are valid only for transport purposes.
  • All our Spreaders are delivered with Australia and New Zealand certification: AS 3990 Mechanical Steelwork; AS 4100 – Steel Structures; AS1418 – Crane Code; AS/NZS – All Parts – Loading Code; Roark – Formulas for Stress and Strain; Microstran V9.10.140327 (non-linear elastic analysis)