Stevedoring company – JA Cowan & Fils in Tahiti, French Polynesia has purchased the BA-185T Modular Lashing Cage from Tec Container Asia Pacific. BA-185T Modular Lashing Cage is designed to increase stevedores’ safety, to ease the access to container twistlocks and, therefore, to improve the reliability of unloading operations of a container-vessel. It is consisted of two lashing cages: a 40-foot cage and a 20-foot cage which sits inside the 40-foot one.

The lashing cage is being transported through a flat rack and now is en route to Port Papeete, French Polynesia. This is the second container handling equipment that JA Cowan has bought from Tec Container after the semi-automatic overheight frame that was purchased last year.

Specification of the Modular Lashing Cage BA-185T

  • Free internal height is equal or more than 2100 mm (according to the rule: EN14502-1).
  • All of them have: non sliding floor, doors open inwards with auto-close & auto-lock system
  • double safety system (automatic and manual)
  • Includes doors for stevedores
  • Includes sliding doors with an easy access for a forklift to the twist-lock bins
  • The containers are fixed to the floor of the cage.

Documentation Our Safety Cages Are Delivered Together With:

  • Test Load Certificate
  • Use / Maintenance Guide
  • Recommended periodical check-up list
  • Plate with a unique serial number of construction and traceability of materials
  • Quality certificate of the safety slings and hooks included in the lashing cage under spreader