At Tec Container Asia Pacific, we have one Ramshorn hook attachment (BA-110CF2) for reachstacker available in Australia. When attached to a reachstacker, this hook attachment transforms any spreader into a multipurpose transporter with a lower hook for general cargo. It is suitable for every container terminal/yard, logistics warehouse and container services provider thanks to its versatile usability.


  • Capacity SWL: 50T
  • Tare: 2560KG
  • A parking stand is provided for quick pick-up and release


  • Australian certification included
  • All TEC Products include a “Declaration of Conformity” that is in compliance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.
  • Test Load Certificate.
  • Use / Maintenance Guide.
  • Recommended periodical check-up list.
  • EC Plate with a unique serial number of construction and traceability of materials.

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