Tec Container Asia Pacific recently presented at the 42nd Pacific Maritime Transport Alliance Conference which was hosted by Ports of Auckland (represented by Justin Maddock – Commercial Relationships Manager) in New Zealand and was well attended by the port operators and shipping companies in the Pacific Region, including Ports Authority Cook Islands, Kiribati Ports, Pacific Direct Lines, Samoa Ports Authority, Solomon Islands Ports Authority, French Polynesia, Fiji Ports, Marshall Islands Port and Ports Authority of Tonga (M which was recently appointed as the President of PMTA.

The Conference is a valuable opportunity to keep up to date with shipping trends in the Pacific and it was of great interest to be able to fully understand the huge growth in cargo and in particular container movements in the region.

It was very clear that wharf efficiency was paramount. The construction of new wharfs and the requirement for quality container handling equipment was a constant topic of discussion amongst the Alliance members.

Ian Ogilvie, one of the Directors from Tec Container Asia Pacific, presented on the Topic of Trends in Cargo Handling. In essence, the trends are quite simple. Speed and safety are paramount. Over the past 12 months, Tec Container has sold some twenty units of the BA-008/BA-009 semi-automatic container spreaders. The spreaders have been well received and have been scattered throughout the Asia Pacific. They are robust, simple and very efficient.

In addition to the container spreaders, Tec Container has sold a number of BA-030E overheight frames which have sped up the handling of non-standard containers which cannot be picked up by normal container spreaders. These overheight frames can be picked up by any apparatus that is able to pick up containers, such as reach-stackers, straddle carriers (automatic and manual) and port cranes. The fact that there are no hydraulic or electric connections to the lifting crane or reachstacker means that  the whole operation can be controlled from the console of the lifting equipment, increasing the speed and safety of the whole exercise.

The Pacific Maritime Transport Alliance Conferences are a unique and valuable opportunity for us to meet up with customers and listen to their stories which are always regarding development and efficiency, and provide Tec Container with a great opportunity to work with customers in resolving their cargo handling problems.

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