This month, Fiji Ports is taking delivery of four customised Semi-Automatic Spreaders from Tec Container Asia Pacific.

Hasthika Dela, CEO of Fiji Ports Terminal Limited, placed an order with Tec Container Asia Pacific for two BA-008 (20-36T) and two BA-009 (40-40T) semi-automatic spreaders. This is Fiji Ports’ second order of the semi-automatic spreaders, which have been redesigned to provide additional protection for the spreader’s central transmission bar.

The spreaders were originally redesigned at the request of Mr Dela, due to the weight of the lifting wires which weigh in excess of 330kg. Mr Dela’s ideas proved to be very effective and were greatly appreciated by the Tec Container design team. In fact they have now been incorporated into a new design for Port Operators throughout the entire Pacific region. The spreaders are galvanised and have forklift tyne pockets for ease of handling.
Fiji Ports Terminal Limited is the only terminal operator in Fiji, with an annual throughput of 150,000 TEUs. Roger Cannon from Tec Container Asia Pacific visited Port of Suva last year and was very impressed with the entire operation and close attention to the safety of operational staff.

Product Specs
Models BA-008 through to BA-228 semi-automatic spreaders are designed for handling 10ft, 20ft, 40ft and 45ft ISO containers with single or double hook jib cranes; for container handling on conventional ships, shipboard, gantry, bridge and portal cranes; as well as under mobile harbour cranes. The twist locks activate mechanically by landing and lifting the spreader. This semi-automatic system has proven to be highly effective over hundreds of thousands of container movements.

Other features include:
• Double security system to avoid lifting failures
• Guides / flippers on request
• Plates for oversized loads
• Forklift pockets for movement of the spreader

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