In 2014, stevedores were responsible for lifting 680 million TEU throughout ports across the world.

As an industrial trade with heavy lifting pivotal to its success, according to Worksafe in Victoria, Australia, the three biggest risks for anyone working as a stevedore are as follows:

  • Receiving injury from being struck by heavy machinery or equipment.
  • Musculoskeletal injuries from the prolonged handling of cargo and cargo securing equipment.
  • Falling from a significant height.

Add to these significant workplace perils the common risks of slips, falls, noise pollution, chemical exposure and fatigue; and you have an exceptionally high-risk industry.

Due to the health and safety hazards that already exist in the port as a workplace, it is vital to the success and sustainability of your company that you’re committed to the wellbeing of your staff and that you remove as much risk as possible.

Container spreaders, while not a legal requirement, are one of the most efficient pieces of equipment as far as reducing workplace risks are concerned.

Some port owners believe that the use of a container spreader in shipping is purely optional however to ensure high levels of port safety when stevedoring, access to this equipment is essential.

Use of container spreaders available from Tec Container provide the following benefits to your company and your stevedores:

  • Removes the need for operators to work on top of containers. While this is now banned in many ports, there are still some instances where staff are operating on top of containers. A container spreader with twist locks removes the need for this entirely which will reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Improves the efficiencies of staff. Using a container spreader at your port reduces the time taken for lifting each container which will allow for higher productivity compared to using a traditional crane. Your staff are less likely to become fatigued which allows for higher output which, in turn, increases your profit line!
  • Decreases your reliance on external companies. Owning your container spreader and training your staff in its use will reduce your reliance on external companies to provide and operate a container spreader for you. Your ongoing expenses will decrease in line with this, as will the wasted time spent waiting for contractors.

A container spreader is an investment in the future of your company.

Tec Container is an expert in providing cargo handling solutions, and we make port operations safer with our innovative products. We have over four decades of experience in container handling, and we have every solution to your cargo handling needs while ensuring that port safety is paramount to everything we do.

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