Pacific Direct Line (NZ) has cleverly invested in further improving the safety and efficiency of its cargo handling operation, taking delivery of 16 galvanized Tec Container Semi-Automatic Spreaders.

The spreaders have been customized to incorporate an innovative new idea developed by Tec Container Asia Pacific in conjunction with Fiji Ports Terminal Ltd to protect the central transmission bar, with other minor modifications made to perfectly match Pacific Direct Line’s container unloading and container handling operations.

The Tec Container Semi-Automatic Spreader range (BA-008 through to BA-228 models) are designed for handling 10ft, 20ft, 40ft and 45ft ISO containers with single or double hook jib cranes.

They are ideal for container handling on conventional ships, shipboard, gantry, bridge and portal cranes, and under mobile harbour cranes. The spreader’s twist locks activate mechanically by landing and lifting the spreader. This semi-automatic system has been proven highly effective over hundreds of thousands of container movements.

Other features include:

  • Double security system to avoid lifting failures
  • Guides / flippers on request
  • Plates for oversized loads
  • Forklift pockets for movement of the spreader

The new spreaders were assembled in Auckland and will be immediately dispatched for operations in Tonga, Nuku’alofa, Samoa and other Pacific ports serviced by Pacific Direct.

The distribution of the new Spreaders to Pacific Directs ports of call throughout the Pacific region is part of Pacific Directs adopted policy of providing a safe working environment for the stevedores and seafarers throughout the Pacific region.

Over the years, cargo handling methods have evolved to the point where larger vessels are utilized and equipped with efficient cargo handling gear to load both containers and break-bulk cargo. The safety of Stevedores and Seafarers is paramount to the operations of Pacific Direct.

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